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What is Birthday Bomb?

Birthday Bomb is small, pocket-size book that will be delivered by mail to individuals on their birthdays. These books are filled with free gifts or certificates towards local businesses in the community to celebrate the birthday of a new potential customer.

What are businesses offering?

Business are offering promotions such as “One Free Entrance to the Zoo”, “One Free Cup of Ice Cream”, “$10 towards show tickets”, “One Free hour of play”, and many more.

How will your business benefit from Birthday Bomb?

We know nobody likes to celebrate their birthday alone. So, by providing “1 entrance pass” (for example), would encourage the Birthday Bomb recipient’s friends or family to pay at the door to join the birthday celebration providing the opportunity for new paying customers to share the experience. 

How is Birthday Bomb different from other coupon books?

We focus on celebrating individual birthdays. Eventually, that means customers will be able to customize which coupons will be in the books they send their friends and family members since they know their interests. This also helps many businesses who worry about mass-printing of coupon books. We don’t print 5000 books and try to sell them off. Books are ordered, customized, and delivered on an individual basis. 

If I try it, am I locked in?

In a typical coupon book, yes. But since we print on a book-by-book basis, there are no contracts or strings attached whatsoever. If your business decides to opt out at any moment, we will remove your ad from further sending that same day. Also, if you decide to update or adjust your gift, we can do that too! 

Do the gifts and books expire?

Yes, each page in the book printed will be valid for 1-year from their birthday. Ideally, we would want each Birthday Bomb recipient to celebrate their birthday, on their birthday, at your establishment. We also know the older people get, the more difficult that may be. But we still want to entice them to walk through your business doors.

 What do I need to do to sign up?

Simply complete the form below and a representative from will be in touch ASAP. 

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