What is a Birthday Bomb?

In short, if you have been “Birthday Bombed”  You have just received several gift cards customized just for you. These cards are full of gifts, discounts, and tickets to local businesses. You choose the gifts that fit best and we email the gift cards out to your friends and family so they can experience a stress-free birthday.


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Our Birthday story

Birthday Bomb was launched in 2018 with a desire to be the perfect gift for family and friends. We wanted to create a book with dynamite deals and promotions. Birthday Bomb is not just another coupon book. It’s a book of freebies, smoking discounts, and cash. 

We focused on working with local businesses to create a birthday gift, coupon, or cash towards their products. Many businesses were excited to participate and it quickly went digital. Instead of books, it turned into digital gift cards and so we launched BirthdayBomb.com.

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